Record Store Day/Black Friday

Black Friday is right around the corner … although it’s not Record Store Day, it sure does feel like a minnie version. However, the intent is to jump start the holiday season for us little ol’ independent record stores who are fighting like hell to stay alive amidst the turbulent waters occupied by Amazon and the Big Box Stores located seemingly on every corner of this fair planet.

Record Store Day celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary on April 22, 2017. It has become iconic and an extremely important day for the world of independent music. Over 1500 stores celebrate and participate, not only in the United States, but it many other countries throughout the world. For more information regarding Record Store Day, please head over to their website at, especially if this is your first rodeo.

Black Friday is another program that is organized and managed by the nice folks at Record Store Day. It’s not intended to be a second Record Store Day. The program IS intended to draw folks into the independent record store on the day that many line up at their favorite Big Box store, days before they open, to take advantage of very cheap pricing for very cheap goods!

This coming Black Friday, once again, there will a boat load of indie only limited releases that will certainly wet the appetite. We’ve ordered most of what is being offered. We are confident that we will receive pretty much all that we’ve ordered, if our past track record is any indication.

Click on the link below if you are interested in seeing what we’ve ordered. Unfortunately, we won’t know what we’ve actually received until the shipments get here, which could be as late as the Wednesday before Black Friday. However, as I have said, we pretty much get what we order. Not included on the “official” list, which we added to our order when it was announced, is the U2 release. That we did order and should be on hand for Black Friday.

Listed below the link is a very very short list of what we DID NOT order that is on the “official” Black Friday list.

For more information regarding Black Friday and Record Store Day, head on over to to check things out.


The Official Black Friday List of Indie Releases

Sun Ra “Exotica” compact disc … we ordered the vinyl version only

That’s it! We ordered everything on the list except for the Sun Ra CD as stated above.