Record Store Day/Black Friday

Record Store Day celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary on April 22, 2017. It has become iconic and an extremely important day for the world of independent music. Over 1500 stores celebrate and participate, not only in the United States, but it many other countries throughout the world.

This year’s celebration and offerings appears to be one of the best yet!

As in the past, we ordered a boat load of titles, more than in the past, hoping to get most of them, and we did! If you click on the link below, a PDF file will pop up in another window and you can take a look at what we will have available.

The store will open “officially” at 7:30am and we can start ringing things up at 8:00am. Steve may get to the store much earlier than 7:30 and let waiting folks come into the store and hang out if they so chose. We will start passing out numbers at 6:00am for those that want to go back to the car and catch a few winks, or head to a local Ma and Pa restaurant and get something to eat. We’ll see how that works out as Steve’s son Kyle is getting married the Friday right before RSD.

Edward David Anderson will be performing Saturday night in a rare Fox Valley area performance. The show is free and starts at 7:00pm. If you are a fan of “roots” music, then you’ll love Ed’s music and performing style.

Here’s the link to the list of what we’ll be offering up for Record Store Day: KTS RSD LIST