Customer & Employee Picks

A good friend of mine once lent some advisement when he found out that I was planning on opening up a Record Store some 25 years ago or so … he said “Steve, listen to your customers … they will let you know what you should be carrying … collectively, they know a lot more than you or I will every know!” And, so true be that! That guidance came by way on one Rob Glick, past founder and owner of my favorite record store of all time (Record Breakers) and the current founder and owner of Reggies in Chicago.

To that end, I thought that it might be a nice idea if I solicited likes, dislikes, thoughts, opinions and various meanderings regarding music, new or old, and had them put their thoughts down on paper and share it with those of you that might find this interesting.

For most all of my life, I had always thought it to be part of the music sharing thing to see and hear what others were listening to. In days of old, a new discovery often came by way of a friend or the go to person who worked at the local independent record store. I can’t begin to tell you how many bands and specific records I was turned onto by talking with and listening to someone else. In my case, that continues to happen even though the journey is pushing some 60 years as I personally approach the 70 mark!

Consequently, I’ve created a new page on this here website where the sharing of music likes and dislikes can be accomplished. The first such “sharing” is being made by good friend and local area teach, Matt Myers. His presentation concerns a 1964 recording simply called Getz/Gilberto created by American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto and featuring pianist and composer Antonio Carlos Jobim. This record, originally issued on the Verve label, is included in many top 100 Greatest Albums of All Time lists. It certainly is a great representation for our first “Desert Island” pick.

Click on the album cover to read what Matt has to say about this Bossa Nova classic recording …