Music On Vinyl … The Label

Music On Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7″ vinyl pressings of titles officially licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own repertoire.

These are both re-issues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to complement a CD/DVD release, all marketed under the Music On Vinyl brand, which vinyl lovers worldwide recognize as a trusted name providing a superb LP vinyl product.

Featured New Releases & Additions

The 20-20s “Self Titled”
Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 22-20s is the debut self-titled album by English blues rock band 22-20s. The album was met with critical acclaim upon initial release in 2004. NME called it one of the best British rock albums of the year, praising the band’s ability to sound fresh and vital, while remaining intense.

The following are images of some of the Music On Vinyl (MOV) titles that we carry here at Kiss The Sky. A lot of the titles pressed by MOV are limited. Often, they are limited to 1,000 to 2,500 copies of coloured vinyl pressings. AND … often, the pressing is of the “transparent” vinyl variety, which is a good thing.

All vinyl records are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is naturally colorless. Very few additives can be mixed into clear vinyl without jeopardizing the opacity, which means there is a potential for worse sound quality, albeit this drop is often imperceptible to the common listener.

Therefore … if you favor coloured or transparent vinyl, then be aware that the release will probably be limited. Often, the black vinyl pressings are not limited and are considered to be stock items.

Although we do our best to maintain a constant and consistent offering of the MOV titles shown below, the record label is based in The Netherlands and the records are pressed at one of the most excellent factories in the world located also in The Netherlands. Consequently, availability of product is dependent upon production schedules and navigating overseas shipping concerns.

However, their mastering engineer has 40 years of experience cutting records for many major artists like Michael Jackson, Alan Parsons Project, Santana, Mother Love Bone, Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More and many more. And because of that, their product is most excellent and that makes it all worth while!

What we like to stock … it changes here & there …