Music & Vinyl (The Store)

Although Kiss The Sky started out, some 25 years ago, as a Compact Disc Store, first and foremost, that has changed, especially over the last 12 years. Today, we sell way more vinyl records (or just records as I grew up calling them) than we do compact discs. We still carry new and used compact discs, and we bring in a carefully selected sampling of new releases every week, but the format of choice these days for us brick & mortar record stores comes in the way of a 12″ round polyvinyl platter.

The store still offers up an assortment of posters and t-shirts as well as a nice selection of incense & oils. However, our primary focus is on the music.

To that point, Kiss The Sky also is a major supporter of local live music. The store, for the most part, has always been involved in presenting live music within our friendly confines in addition to getting involved with other live music ventures such as the Blues on the Fox festival in Aurora and the Blues & Roots on Water Street festival that took place here in Batavia … a shared venture between the Fox Valley Music Foundation (The Venue) and Water Street Art Studios.

Although live music within the friendly confines took a mandatory vacation due to common sense and restrictions placed upon the world by an unrelenting virus, the likes we had not seen in quite some time, we are on the road to starting that back up again, albeit slow, restricted and cautious.

And since Records have moved into first place as the physical format of choice, we have also upped our already existing inventory of Audio Equipment which we have carried here at the store since day one.

So, the Sub Pages to this Web Page called Music & Vinyl Records is where one might delve into the guts and happenings of the store. It is where we will share with you our offerings, advice and our love of music. This page is in the beginning stages of being created and therefore it is evolving and will grow and change as time goes on. The following listing of Sub Pages are a combination of what exists today, and what we have planned for the future.

New Releases
(here you will find listings for present, past & future vinyl and cd new and reissue releases)

Music On Vinyl … The Label
(information regarding a Record Label that we really love)

Vinyl Care
(suggestions on how to care for your records & vinyl equipment)
page to be constructed

Audio Equipment
(information regarding turntables, speakers & other audio equipment that we carry)
page to be constructed

Live Music
(upcoming Kiss The Sky Live Music events and schedules)