andre salles – twenty
andre salles – twenty

andre salles – twenty


A 2 Lp Vinyl Release by Andre Salles
Packed in a Gatefold Jacket

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Twenty is a vinyl record album made and released by Andre Salles. In the liner notes contained within the inner panels of the gatefold jacket, Andre describes the reasons associated with the who, what, where, how and why of twenty. The following is taken from those “notes”:

Andre … “I called this thing Twenty for a number of reasons. Most obviously, there are 20 songs. I wrote and recorded the album in 2020, at home alone with the COVID-19 pandemic raged outside my door. And perhaps least obviously, it’s my 20th musical project under my own name. I’ve been making strange music this way since 1990, off and on, just for myself. I thought making 20 of these things was a milestone worth noting.”

Steve (owner of Kiss The Sky record store in Batavia, Illinois) … “I too thought this recording was a milestone. Hence, my suggestion for Andre to release this on vinyl, making it his first black wax endeavor, and that too, is a milestone.”

Andre … “Twenty is a lockdown album, made only with what I had at home. I had a piano, an acoustic guitar (which I cannot really play)a borrowed ebow, some drum loops, some kitchen sink percussion, a cheap plastic recorder and my voice. It all sounds homemade to me, but hopefully it feels bigger than it is.”

Andre has a little more to say about Twenty but we’ll leave the rest for when you give the wax version a listen. However, we’ll leave you with this statement as to how Andre approached the making of the record: “There are moments here where I tried to create as much chaos as I could, and moments where I drew on every shred of optimism I could muster.”

And we will leave you with that.

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