Established in 1996, the intent was to be more than just another record store. Part of our mission was, and still is, to promote local area live music, and to bring music not necessarily indigenous to the established community to the Fox Valley area of Illinois. To that end, Kiss The Sky has been active in providing local area, regional and national touring artists an opportunity to present their music to lovers and enthusiasts of their craft. More about that can be read further on within our website and witnessed by visiting our Facebook Page or following us on Instagram. We also dabble in other Social Media platforms as well. So please ... read on and do not hesitate to shoot us a question or two if you feel compelled to do so. We can be reached via phone at 630-406-0086, email at stevewarrenfeltz@gmail.com or by letter by way of 180 1st Street, Batavia, Illinois 60510. Check out the About Page for Store Hours and more info.

About Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Sky is a Record Store The store was thought of in 1969, put into motion in 1996 and opened on December 6 of that same year.From the beginning, we always had a vinyl...

Die Gallerie

This page is dedicated to memories of the past and present … friends and family … events and music affairs! DSC00023

Record Store Day & Black Friday

Record Store Day 2023 Overwhelmingly, when surveyed, the customers that have participated in our Record Store Day celebrations over the years indicated that they would like to see us return to the pre-Covid era of...

Live Music & Events

Upcoming Performance Schedule Saturday August 20th202210:30amArtist Chat. The Luxure TrioThe Luxure Trio is a jazz trio based in the Fox Valley area. The group consists of keyboardist Benjamin Rodrigez, and bassist, Samuel Rodrigez, both from...