Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Sky

The Kiss is a Record Store located in the United States and resides in historic Downtown Batavia, Illinois at the Southwest Corner of 1st & Water Streets.


Established in 1996, the store has been a proud and active member of the Fox Valley Music and Art Community from day one. More about that shall become evident as you navigate the website and certainly if you pay us a visit or two or more at our home in Batavia, Illinois. So please ... read on and do not hesitate to shoot us a question or two if you feel compelled to do so. We can be reached via phone at 630-406-0086, email at or by letter by way of 180 1st Street, Batavia, Illinois 60510.

About Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Sky is a Record Store.The store was founded in 1996 and opened on December 6 of that same year.From the beginning, we always had a vinyl presence as Steve, the owner, was introduced...

Die Gallerie

This page is dedicated to memories of the past and present … friends and family … events and music affairs! DSC00023

New Releases

New Releases come out every Friday. There are anywhere from 500 to 1500 “drops” made every week. There’s no way that we are in a position to bring every single one of them into the...

Live Music

Over the past 25 years, Kiss The Sky has played host to more than a 1,000 performances and over 2,500 acts, ranging in types of music from Blues, Classical and Jazz to Hip-Hop, Country and...