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Record Store Day & Black Friday

Record Store Day & Black Friday

Record Store Day

The results of the Virtual Line Lottery are in and are available HERE!
A list of the RSD Titles available at Kiss The Sky, while supplies last, is HERE!

Over 80 people participated in the drawing by submitting a request via email to be included. Thank you to all that submitted a request. Sorry that everyone could not have drawn the highly coveted Number One spot but it just doesn’t work that way for some strange reason.

However, as a way of trying to make things a little more equitable and fun, and since we do not have enough free swag to go around to everyone, we are going to hold a drawing later tonight to see who gets the swag bag and it’s content.

And furthermore, those folks that drew numbers 70 through 81 are being award a free Kiss The Sky T-shirt. There are two new 2021 styles to chose from. The only stipulation in receiving the Swag Bag or the free KTS Shirt is that you have to be here on Saturday and have made a purchase of at least one RSD Title.

To start things off on Saturday, at the stroke of 8am, we will let the first ten to fifteen people in the store and then we will let another 10 to 15 in every 10 minutes or so. We’ll adjust numbers and timing if appropriate.

Bring a mask whether you are vaccinated or not. I may ask you to wear one simply out of respect for those that want to continue to wear one. If you see someone wearing a mask while in the store, I encourage you to wear one as well if you are not doing so. It’s all about respect for one another and playing it safe. It’s really not about anything else. Besides, it’s really no big deal anyway.

As of this posting, I still have not unpacked all of the boxes or RSD stuff, so I don’t know what I’ve gotten and what I haven’t, and I certainly don’t know how much I’ve received of any particular title. Sorry, but it is what it is primarily due to the fact that I’m swamped and there’s a lot going on within the personal ranks of life right now. Not enough hours in the day! Hope you understand.

And, we certainly hope to see everyone who participated in the lottery at the store Saturday Morning between 8 and 9am. Looks to be a great day!

Record Store Day is a celebration of the Independent Record Store. It was started some 13 years ago by a group of music lovers, record store people and people just like you. This page here is dedicated to talking about how we (Kiss The Sky) participate in the celebration and especially in light of what the 2020 Pandemic brought to the table and affected things just a WEE bit!
For those of you that are not familiar with what Record Store Day is all about, and it’s wonderful history, please head over to and check things out but be sure to read on down below as it pertains to how we are handling things for this year in particular.
Also, noted right here at the end of this short paragraph is a link that will provide you with the list of the Record Store Day exclusive titles that are being made available for the two Drops (June 12 & July 17) occurring this year. Kiss The Sky has ordered copies of just about every title. There were one or two that we did not order. What and How Many of each we are going to receive won’t be known until late, The Friday night right before The Drop. Sorry, but that’s the way it is, and has been, just about every year since the very first Record Store Day which took place on April 19 of 2008.
The List!

Here’s How We Are Handling Things in 2021

For at the least the first “Drop” that takes place on June 12th, we are going to conduct a Lottery to draw names out of a hat, bowl or box in order to create a “Virtual Line”. In other words, there won’t be any “camping” outside of the store to try and get an advantageous position in the RSD line. The line will have already been created “virtually” by way of the lottery.

So … you need to sign up for the lottery (see below) in order to get a placement in line. If you just show up at the door on the morning of the Drop, you will have to wait until all of those that have participated in the lottery have been let in before you are allowed to enter and shop.

As of right now, we are planning on doing the same thing for the July Drop, however, that’s not a given. We will address that immediately after the June Drop and post something up here on this page of our website.

In order to join in on the lottery, you need to send an email to:
Include a note letting us know that you want to be included in the lottery, and let us know what your full name is.
I will send you an email back letting you know that your email for entry has been received.

If there’s also a lottery for the July Drop, you will need to submit another request via email to participate in the second drawing even though you may have participated in the first lottery.

The actual drawing will take place the Wednesday before the Record Store Day Saturday. In the case of the June Drop, that means it will happen on the 9th of June.
The cutoff for getting your entry to us will be by 6pm on Tuesday, June 8th.

The results of the drawing will be made available here, on this webpage, no later than be the end of the Thursday following the drawing on Wednesday. We hope to get it up there sooner, but it will be up there no later than that Thursday.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns, feel free to get in touch.

As of right now, we plan to still be practicing social distancing and it is our understanding that masks will be required unless the powers to be say otherwise.

Things have been, and continue to be, fluid. That means that some things are subject to change. If something significant were to change, we will let you know here and via social media.

Again … in order to participate in the lottery, send an email to: