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Record Store Day & Black Friday

Record Store Day & Black Friday

Let The Holiday Season Begin!!!

Black Friday
How we do things at The Kiss …

Black Friday is not like Record Store Day nor is it intended to be similar. Record Store Day is intended to be a “celebration” of the Independent Record Store while Black Friday is a kickoff to the holiday season. Record Store Day is a one day deal while Black Friday is just the beginning of a month long special relationship consisting of many encounters between the Record Store and its Customers. Black Friday can be adorned with holly and mistletoe and visited by elves and reindeer, while Record Store Day normally takes place the third Saturday in April, so it’s surrounded by Spring, early season flowers and Baseball.

However, on each particular day, special releases are made available at the participating record stores around the country that are not available, on that day, elsewhere.

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In early 2020, something happened … the likes of which we had not seen before. Because of this occurrence, we changed our approach to how we conducted ourselves on Record Store Day and Black Friday.

Instead of folks lining up outside the store awaiting the opening of the door in the morning, we conducted a lottery system for the making of a “virtual line” thereby eliminating the need to hang out for hours. For the most part, people liked the new way of doing things even though hanging out with like-minded vinyl enthusiasts all night and talking shop was a lot of fun for most that did that. It was a fun way to swop stories and share musical likes and happenings and experiences.

Well … here we are however, approaching two years later and we’re still amidst a very strange and different terrain. The State of Illinois is still mandating the use of masks while hinting at a nearing dissolving of the mandate. And since it is unclear as to what the mandate is going to be come Black Friday, we here at The Kiss are going to continue on, at least one more time, with a virtual line lottery. And we are requiring masks to be worn when inside of the store.

So here’s what you need to do in order to participate in the lottery:

Send us an email at requesting participating in the lottery; and
Include your name and phone number in the body of the email.

The cut-off time for getting your email to Steve and being included in the lottery is noon Chicago time on 11-23-2021.

Once the results of the Virtual Line Lottery are in, they will be available HERE. Hopefully, that is on Tuesday Night, November 23 around 6pm or so.

To start things off on Friday, at the stroke of 7 am, we will let the first ten to fifteen people in the store and then we will let another 10 to 15 in every 10 minutes or so. We’ll adjust numbers and timing if appropriate.

Bring a mask whether you are vaccinated or not. Although I understand that some places are not enforcing the State of Illinois mandate, and I personally do not like wearing one myself for a variety of reasons, it has been mandated and I don’t feel like dealing with situations in which people get in arguments over the wearing, or not wearing, of the darn things. Nor do I feel like dealing with the Kane County Department of Public Health in the event that a complaint is filed, which has happened once in the past … in which a delivery driver came in and dropped off box without having a mask on and a customer, who was 20 feet away from the driver, complained to the KCDPH instead of addressing the situation with me directly.

At the end of the day, it’s about respect for one another and it ain’t that big a deal anyway.

Enuff said on that subject.

* * * * * * *

As of this writing (November 8), I have no idea as to what and how many titles we are getting. I can tell you that I ordered most everything.
I ordered lots of some things and less than lots of some others.

The recorded music industry is going through some choppy waters right now. Popular and key titles are going on Backorder left and right. Product availability is tight for most “bigger” new releases these days. Consequently, product is being allocated and record stores are not getting exactly what they want. In general, demand is greater than supply capabilities and suppliers are having one heck of a time trying to be fair and square with everyone. It is what it is and we do the best we can. Hang in there with us!

Record Store Day is a celebration of the Independent Record Store. It was started some 13 years ago by a group of music lovers, record store people and people just like you. This page here is dedicated to talking about how we (Kiss The Sky) participate in the celebration and especially in light of what the 2020 Pandemic brought to the table and affected things just a WEE bit!

For those of you that are not familiar with what Record Store Day is all about, and it’s wonderful history, please head over to

Again … in order to participate in the lottery, send an email to: