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New Releases

New Releases

New Releases come out every Friday. There are anywhere from 500 to 1500 “drops” made every week. There’s no way that we are in a position to bring every single one of them into the store each and every week as much as we may love to do that. Consequently, we do our best to anticipate what is most interesting to our customers (hopefully that is you who is visiting this website) and we also like to experiment and bring in a thing or two or three that we like or think may be special.

As much as we may think that we are on top of that anticipation game, there’s no way that we can get inside of each and everyone’s head and “see” what it is that everyone is looking forward to. Therefore, we encourage you to let us know what it is that will make your day in the next and upcoming weeks. You can do that by stopping in the store every now and then and telling us face to face, or mask to mask )for the time being), or by shooting us an email ( and letting us know your hopes, wishes and desires.

This Page is our “Landing Page” for our New Release Posts. Individual Release Date Listings are “listed” below in chronological order with the oldest date on top. Links to the actual listing will be embedded in each date as things progress. The listing is a work in progress.

Although we endeavor to do our best in terms of staying on top of the releases and changes in dates made subsequent to the original release date determination, times are very interesting right now. It is certainly not an exact science and things are changing more often these days than in years past. Consequently, every now and then, we may miss a date change or a complete removal without realizing it. For that, we apologize but rest assured that we endeavor to keep that to a minimum.

Release Schedule Listing

Not “New” … But NEW to Us!
April 9, 2021
April 16, 2021
April 23, 2021
April 30, 2021
May 7, 2021
May 14, 2021
May 21, 2021
May 28, 2021
June 4, 2021
June 11, 2021
June 12, 2021 (RSD Drop #1)
June 18, 2021
June 25, 2021
July 2, 2021
July 9, 2021
July 16, 2021
July 17, 2021 (RSD Drop #2)
July 23, 2021
July 30, 2021