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Live Music

Live Music

Over the past 25 years, Kiss The Sky has played host to more than a 1,000 performances and over 2,500 acts, ranging in types of music from Blues, Classical and Jazz to Hip-Hop, Country and Metal. The Are You Experienced Stage has been visited by the likes of Funktional Family, Backwoods Bunny Fight, Dick Smith, Noah Gabriel, Andrea Dawn, Ryan Carney, Dave Ramont, Lucky Boys Confusion, Jim Peterik & The Ides of March, Pat DiNizio, 15 Minutes Late, Chris Duarte, Dirty Dan Buck, Robbie Fulks, Chicago Farmer, Rebel Soul Revival, Greg Boerner (pronounced “burner”), Gross National Product and the incomparable Dallas Motorcade. More names will be added to this listing later on as Steve takes a look back on the performance schedules buried deep in the bowels of the Kiss’ underground records vault. There’s a ton more!

The Year of Weird, as in 2020, saw a temporary halt to Live Music at The Kiss as well as at thousands upon thousands of venues throughout the world. Live Music will be coming back, sooner than later, but for now, we are limiting it to a performance every now and then and we’re not making a big deal out it as in promoting the affair. Our first performance in over nine months will be taking place later in April 2021 and features a four piece act comprised of middle school aged youngsters who met at a School of Rock program in Geneva, Illinois. Their name is Acacia.

For now, this page will remain as is until such time as Live Music becomes more entrenched in our society and folks are comfortable with it all. When it does, we will start our live music programs back up and our Show Schedule will be posted and available right here.

Dateline … July 2021

As of this writing, things are moving forward and Live Music is happening and more and more shows and events are being planned and scheduled. Lala is going to happen in Chicago this year and festivals all over the country are in varying stages of being planned and are beginning to take place.

Kiss The Sky has been home to a few shows during the past 60 days and is also starting to schedule more to take place in the not so distant future. The following is our schedule as of this point in time and more will be added as time moves on. For more detailed information concerning any particular show, be sure to check out our Facebook Page and click on Events, especially as we get closer to the date of the show.

Upcoming Performance Schedule

7-25-2021 … 7:30pm
What’s On Your Turntable?Hosted by Steve Warrenfeltz
John Prine’s Self-Titled album released in 1971
featuring commentary and analysis by
Dave Ramont, Dave Nelson & Noah Gabriel
Music courtesy of John Prine vinyl
7-31-2021 … 2:00pm
VertigoLocal area young band which has performed
at the Kiss in the past … excellent musicians
8-06-2021 … 7:00pm
Vagrants & Los 67’sVagrants are the headliner for the evening
9-24-2021 … 9pm
Kofi Baker Psychedelic TripTickets to the show are limited and can be obtained
in advance at Kiss The Sky. They are $20 a piece.