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About Kiss The Sky

About Kiss The Sky

Kiss The Sky is a Record Store

The store was thought of in 1969, put into motion in 1996 and opened on December 6 of that same year.

From the beginning, we always had a vinyl presence as Steve, the owner, was introduced to music by way of his Mom, Dad and Grandpap Warrenfeltz, and by listening to records and the radio … digital music was something that was limited to dreams and Jetson episodes and would not become a factor until 30 some years after Steve was born. Vinyl has always been Steve’s preferred format even though he did dive very deep into the compact disc format as well while loving it’s portability and “compactness”. However, for the ultimate in listening pleasure, vinyl is his format of choice.

In 1996, the inventory of recorded music at The Kiss was primarily comprised of compact discs (90%) with the balance being vinyl records with a smattering of cassette tapes. Today, the numbers are pretty much reversed. Records are the 90% while compact discs have lost the race, especially in terms of sales. There’s still a cassette tape presence which has pretty much remained constant throughout the years.

In addition to the recorded music, Kiss The Sky also offers up music related apparel and posters along with curios and other assorted odds and ends.

Kiss The Sky is also a certified Audio Technica Dealer and therefore carries a full line of their turntable products along with Turntable Cartridges and Replacement Needles. We also offer up a nice selection of Edifier powered speakers. Audio Technica and Edifier make a nice combination and both companies provide Bluetooth models in addition to non-Bluetooth varieties.

And finally, Kiss The Sky may be somewhat unique in the industry in that the store has most always showcased Live Music.

The original location, which was located on Randall Road west of Downtown Batavia, had a permanent performance stage located in the back of the store. Although the Geneva location did not have the room to accommodate a permanent stage, performances did take place there every now and then. One of the most notable of those was an appearance by Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens.

The current location, which is soon to celebrate it’s 10 Year Anniversary, does has a permanent stage setup and, up until 2020, dubbed the Year of Weird, had been presenting live music two and sometimes three times a week for most of those ten years.

During the course of the past 25 years, Kiss The Sky has been home to over a thousand shows featuring performances by more than 2,500 musical acts. Artists of all shapes and sizes, genres and levels of recognition and notoriety have performed on the Are You Experienced Stage.

More on the Live Music part of Kiss The Sky can be read about on the Live Music Page of this website.

Michael “Mike” Messerschmidt

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday … 10am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday … 10am – 6pm

Special Holiday Hours of Operation for December 2023
12-15 Friday 9am-9pm
12-16 Saturday 9am-9pm
12-17 Sunday 9am-7pm
12-18 Monday 9am-9pm
12-19 Tuesday 9am-9pm
12-20 Wednesday 9am-9pm
12-21 Thursday 9am-9pm
12-22 Friday 9am-9pm
12-23 Saturday 9am-9pm
12-24 Sunday Christmas Eve 9am-3pm
12-25 Monday Christmas … Closed
12-26 Tuesday 9am-9pm
12-27 and thereafter … back to normal hours as noted above

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Kiss The Sky
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